Day 95; 10.3.09 Glacier National Park, Montana

As I approached Glacier I thought I made it to Alaska. Huge snow covered mountains and it’s only October 1. Oh, what was I getting myself into? I have no coat or winter clothes, only a thin jacket. But no fear, it actually wasn’t that bad…at first. The first day was nice, only a little cold. This park surprised me with it’s rugged peaks and striking landscapes. But cold, wind and a light snow came in the late afternoon so I sought shelter.

Day two, I’ll try it again from the other end of the “Going-to-the-sun” road. The road was closed somewhere in the middle so there was much I was going to miss. As the day passed it got colder and hiking seemed to be something that was going to have to wait for another trip. Everywhere I went I saw the signs “beware of grizzly bear. Do not hike alone”. I obey those signs. You know fears number 1, 3, 5…

By early afternoon I had enough of the cold and snow and headed north to Canada where it was much warmer.

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. – Henry David Thoreau


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