Day 94: Oct 2. “Trust is Easy…Today”

What a day, what a view. It’s cold, windy and snowy. As I looked forward I saw beautiful mountains. It’s been pretty flat so far. These are huge peaks, bigger, more massive than those winding through Wyoming. “But is that snow I see?” I look further, it’s Alaska! Those mountains are white, covered with snow. Oh, what am I getting into? No coat! No Gloves! No Heat!

I get there and the “Highway to the Sun” is closed. I can drive part of the way but not all the way across. I’ll go as far as I can today then tomorrow go around to the other side and drive as far as I can on that side. I should be able to see a good portion of the landscape. It’s beautiful, but cold and getting colder. I hear McDonald River has many waterfalls and I’m anxious to see them.

The winds so bad and car is going all over the road. Found a roadside park but the wind is making it very cold. And it’s a log walk to the bathroom. It feels eerie here and not very safe. I think God is saying “go on” and I find an open hotel. I’m very blessed because most places are closed for the season. It was cheap enough and it kept me out of the weather.

I get up ready to continue my trek through Glacier; more waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and finally to see the glaciers. But the adventure ends early because of the weather. I sense God’s prompting “It’s time to go on”. I head north to Canada and out of this cold front. Canada is still cold but warmer than Montana. I travel thru Alberta with a great view of the Canadian Rockies and then it’s on to the largest teepee in the world.

This could have been a scary time for me but after my experiences over the past couple weeks trusting God has become easy…for today anyway.

My soul finds rest in God alone. Psalm 62:1a (NRSV)


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