Day 92: Sept 30. “Arrowheads”

I leave the park in search of a fire pit to cook some hotdogs because I couldn’t find any in the area of the park I was in. Finally, just north of Yellowstone, I find this rough but beautiful primitive campground. I go to pay, feeling uneasy as I see a sign that reads “rattle snakes in the area” and “Grizzly bear country”. And I want to cook pork products? Let’s wave a flag, bear food here. Of course I’ll be leaving after I finish cooking.

The wind was so strong and the fire fierce. I used a whole bag of briquettes. What was I thinking; I thought I’d never get the fire put out. The wind kept it going and going and going, over an hour I fought it. Good thing, I later found out there was a fire warning in the area – NO FIRES ALLOWED, oops. There should have been a sign next to the rattlesnake and grisly signs.

Besides the fire I’d also been mumbling about laundry and cooking the last of the Mac & Cheese and definitely a shower. I smell like a campfire, dust and ash in every crevasse.

I find a little motel close to the courthouse I would be working at in the morning. I love these little places, run by individuals, not corporations. Pull right up to your door, so quaint. Wow God is providing, taking care of my heart and my every desire.

First it’s cheap or should I say affordable, then yes, it has Wi-Fi.

I pull up to my door and guess what room is next to mine –the laundry room.

A fire pit; I could have cooked my hot dogs here if I had only waited.

I go in. What a cute place, big bath and a full kitchen.

But wait, there’s more. There’s a coffee maker with coffee.

But that’s not all, a microwave. I can finally cook the rest of the Mac & Cheese.

I could live here. My needs are few.

Jesus, while I know you are all powerful you still astonish me with how you deal with the little things. I look at my little arrowhead and know how awesome you are.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 (NIV)


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