Day 88: Sept 26. “Sadness of living in the past”

Wow, the morning broke to clearer skies and I could see all the Teton peaks, YEAH! It’s going to be a beautiful day.

But wait…by 7:00 am the Grand Teton and Mount Moran were obscured and the Middle Teton is barely visible. As for the others, where did they go? I doubted taking the Lake Jenny ferry to see Hidden falls. But I’ve come so far and I didn’t get to see them the last time I was here.

As I as preparing to venture out I saw a fawn in the parking lot, or was it. As I move around my van I noticed the fawn was much closer and I noticed it wasn’t a fawn. It was a rather large wolf. I kept preparing to leave, she kept watching me and I kept watching her, both wondering if the other was going to be a problem. I learned to climb to the front seat via the back and she learned humans are just as scared of her as she is of us. Later today I learned how special this appearance was. Wolves rarely make themselves noticeable humans in this area of the US. She made herself noticeable to me. Now only if I could get a bear or moose to follow suit my wildlife viewing would be complete.

I spent the day driving around, first to Mormon Row, a ghost town from the time of the Mormon trail west, looked for moose, foliage, anything my camera would find of interest. I took a picture of an animal in the Snake River. It was so far away I could barely see anything but as with all national parks, wherever people gather there is sure to be wildlife near and there were more than a dozen people watching this animal. I didn’t know what it was until I blew it up on the computer – a cow moose. So I did see a moose…sort of.

I decided to take the ferry to see Hidden Falls despite the smoke. Absolutely beautiful! These are the only falls accessible for the occasional hiker; it was a nice, casual hike up to the falls, about a mile. And the smoke wasn’t bad here, nice and clear. The boat ride was too quick though, certainly not the ten minute ride advertised. Finally I went up to the top of Signal Mountain, what a great view. You can see the Snake River basin clearly as well as the fire, but it’s not where it was last night. Hmm.

As evening approaches I drive to find a good spot to view the sunset. On the way I see the road to Yellowstone is closed, “now what’s up?” I wonder. I get some great shots and on the way back I learn that Yellowstone is open again. What was the problem? Fire! “You’ve got to be kidding.”

It’s after dark and I’m heading back to my campground, sure enough that area of the park is now closed. Winds had accelerated a three week old lightning fire which now threatened the campground. Oh, brother!

So how’s my attitude – getting better but not great. This wasn’t the magical experience I was looking forward to reliving but I did get some great photos due to the ash particles from the fires. You can never relive a moment. I should have never expected to experience it the same way I had before. We can never go back, nor should we. God never meant us to live in the past or the future, why because we won’t find him there. We can only experience God, his glory, his blessings, if we remain in the present.

God is the great I AM, not the great I was, or great I will be. We are to meet him here in the present. – Joyce Meyer


2 responses to “Day 88: Sept 26. “Sadness of living in the past”

  1. I absolutely love the Grand Tetons…. one of my favorite places ever. We journeyed to Yellowstone back in 2001. Had high hopes of viewing some wolves but unfortunately, the weather never cooperated and we never saw a single one. How lucky you were to see the one lone wolf!

    • I’ve been twice and I must say it was definitely a spiritual experience. I want to go back when my grandson is older. And about the wolf, I sure know how lucky I was, she was crossing a parking lot, seemed like a miracle I know how rare a wolf sighting is. Now to see a moose, that’s my next goal. Thanks for visiting and bringing my mind back to these lovely places. Ana

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