Day 86: Sept 24. “Unexpected Beauty”

OK, so I think a little morning diversion to see the landscape of Idaho might be fun. Think again. Six hours of off-road driving. I’m exhausted and my van filthy. But I must say it is beautiful – desert, forests, mountains, rivers; such a varied landscape. It is peaceful and quiet. It puts the heart at rest.


Finally I’m on to the Tetons. I’m so excited. This place is sacred place to me and one of the few places I had to see again. Exhaustion is replaced with anticipation.

I get to Jackson Wyoming and I see a forest fire in the distance. I think, “at least it’s not in the Tetons. As I near the park I realize, there’s not just one fire, there are three. The huge 14,000 ft mountains are barely visible. My heart cries and eyes water from the smoke. Such a disappointment yes, but what a beautiful sunset, beauty comes from destruction. Oh how I wanted to see my mountains, the mountains that changed me forever, that changed my dreams for the future and my geographic focus, leaving me with a much greater appreciation for God’s beauty.


Beauty instead of ashes…a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. Isaiah 61:3 (NIV)


What do you think?

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