Day 85: Sept 23. “A gift from God”

I am still exhausted from my day of hiking I’m going to taking the day off. Since I fell asleep so early I wasn’t going to make it back to Wyoming anyway and I only have two more counties to do so I head back to Wyoming, at a relaxed pace. First I travel along scenic Interstate 70. There are many scenic pullouts and rest areas. This highway runs through the Colorado Plateau which was created by the same forces that created the Grand Canyon, Colorado National Monument and my beloved Arches, but with a much wider ranging beauty. At one of the rest areas was a young Native American lady selling jewelry. She was there with a small child. I first thought she was a painter or there for a picnic. Then she started laying out her jewelry. I immediately went to look.

Her jewelry was beautiful, elegant and ornate. I came close to buying some of the more ornate jewelry, knowing I wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis I continued looking for something simpler, like my lifestyle. I saw some arrowheads on a piece of black rope but thought it too masculine and then I saw some small arrowheads on silver chains. Wanting something in turquoise I picked one up but it was such a bright blue I didn’t feel it was me. Then I saw an odd colored green & tan stone. I thought how cool but it’s not my color so I kept looking. I was drawn back to that odd green colored stone and God said “are you going to buy it or not? It’s yours, now go get it”. I went to get some money, thinking if it’s too much I’ll pass. But it was only $8.00. Then I thought, it looks too small, if it fits I’ll buy it. And of course I still have in my head that it’s the wrong color. I put it on and it fit perfectly. An energizing peace surged through my soul and I knew this was God’s gift to me. I ask the lady what the stone was and she replied “leopard skin”

Later, I Googled “leopard skin” to find what meaning the rock held. Surprised I found it, a jasper which is mentioned in the bible several times. The jasper gemstone is a stone of strength and stability and of protection. Oh, Jesus, thank you. Just what I needed, to be reminded of how much I can trust you, you will always protect me, keep me safe and secure and heal me inside and out.

But the revelation didn’t stop there; further research revealed that the leopard skin jasper is associated with spiritual discovery. Wow, now I’m really blown over. God gives me this small gift to remind me of our journey together. This was the perfect gift for this trip. It represents all God is doing here through this journey and in me.

Leopard skin jasper arrowhead

My jasper gemstone has not been polished to look like a shinny bead but was left in it rough, natural state. Like me, a beauty to unveil.

But what about the meaning of the arrowhead…..

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 (NIV)


3 responses to “Day 85: Sept 23. “A gift from God”

  1. Very lovely! Cheers~ 😀

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