Day 81: Sept 19. “Dreams DO come true”

Having mentioned my waterfall dream in my last post I need to expound upon it so you may see God’s work, grace and blessings.

In April of this year as I was preparing for this trip I had a dream. Here is the CliffsNotes version.

I was traveling and was soon joined by a man who I believe was a representation of Jesus. In the first part of the dream there were three waterfalls. I was trying to walk across a boardwalk that went along the front of the falls to a get closer look but there was snow and ice; I turned to the man and said “I can’t make it, I’m afraid”. He understood but I sensed he was disappointed in my lack of trust.

So we left to find another vantage point where I could photograph them. Across the river he stood along the fence, distracted I took another route without telling him. I attempted to cross a small shallow stream but found that I was over my head. The man helped me out and asked with frustration “why didn’t you stay with me, I can’t be there for you if you’re going to keep wondering off”.

He suggested a boat ride to get closer. There were many branches off this river, each with three waterfalls. I tried desperately to photograph them but the captain was going so fast that everything was a blur. I asked him to slow down and he responded “busy, busy, busy, lots of people to accommodate”.

There was far more symbolism imbedded in this dream than I can go into here but the theme of the waterfalls is that there have been three things in my life that have been a barrier to my going forward with Jesus. First, fear. I had to learn unconditional trust. Just leaving on this trip was a huge leap of faith. Fears of grisly bears, danger, black bears, loneliness, bridges, brown bears, narrow winding mountain roads and did I mentions BEARS. Fear of failing, fear You wouldn’t be there to catch me if I fall. Second, distraction. As my girls will tell you, when we are together they are often having to hunt me down as I’m distraction to the point of walking away, like a little child in a toy store. I have had to learn to focus and listen to Jesus. This trip has shown me so many wonders because I focused on what Jesus wanted me to see. What he put in my heart. Third, busyness. I cannot remember a time when I was not driven to do, to accomplish, to succeed, even if I was the only one who knew it. My third week west showed me how destructive busyness can be. I worked so much and was consumed by it that I missed God’s blessing, I missed the romancing He wanted to share with me and his beauty. It left me empty and frustrated and that is not what God wants for his children. My vow to slow down, listen to Jesus, and enjoy the journey that brings me to the place of my dream.

Months ago as I was researching places to visit I found the waterfalls I had dreamt about. Having let go of my list of places to visit and letting Jesus lead me I had forgotten all about visiting the falls. They were in Colorado and Colorado had not made my list of states to visit until perhaps later. Monday I called Eric, my guide of sorts, and out of the blue I asked if he had any counties in Northern Colorado since I was so close. He sent me to Craig, Colorado. As I was pondering what to do for the weekend I looked at the map and realized Arches National Park wasn’t that far…only 4 hrs, a mere “Sunday drive” at this point in the trip. Then my heart said “where are the waterfalls?” I got out my list, found the name of the park, put it in the map program and wow! There is was, right on my route.

When I let go of fear, business and distraction God romanced me with such a stunning gift and a dream turned into reality. Rifle Falls State Park, just northeast or Rifle, CO, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve traveled to. Three waterfalls, side by side, equal in power and beauty but each unique. And I did walk across the boardwalk at the top of the falls.


A side note on conquering fear.

After leaving Rifle Fall heading to Utah, I took a side trip to Colorado National Monument. The last trip west my daughter, Ashley, drove us up the side of a mesa. I was literally sick with fear and panic. As I approach the Colorado Plateau I see it is much taller than the one we traversed in Utah four years ago but as Joyce Meyer says “Do it afraid”. So I did. It took hours to drive through miles of winding, narrow roads with adjacent cliffs. “I should be panicking” I thought, but I wasn’t. Of course this road was two-lane and paved unlike the narrow gravel road in Utah but still a milestone. I was fearless. God certainly had helped me through this fear and I was able to enjoy the beauty.

God’s word lives in your hearts, and you have won your battle with the evil one. 1 John 2:14b (NLT)


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