Day 74: Sept 12. “An unexpected beauty”

Whoa, breathtaking. Who would have thought North Dakota would be such an unexpected, quiet beauty. It started off so windy and cold. I wondered why got rid of my winter clothes and coat. The western Dakota’s have such a unique topography created by wind and water. To look out at the water worn peaks and desolate desert landscape one would think “nothing could live here”. But in actuality it’s teeming with life from insects and rodents to wild horses and buffalo. Peace abounds here but beware, danger always lurks in nature from wild animals to wild skies. Many who visit the Badlands miss the wild beauty here. If you visit, take the time to see beyond the obvious and you will gain strength from its beauty.

Thank you Jesus for your peace and provision.

Me and My minivan/camper

Strength and BEAUTY are in his sanctuary. Psalm 96:6 (NKJ)


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