Day 68; 9.6.09 Day of Adventure

Grand Portage National Monument, MN. I had no idea what this place was I just saw the sign…National Park Service and thought I’d use my park card. What a great place. There’s fantastic view of Grand Portage Bay, Lake Superior and a living history museum preserving the history of Ojibwe people and the area’s center for fur trade in the 1800s. Voyagers, French-Canadian traders, traveled across Lake Superior and up the treacherous Pigeon River in a canoe with the hope of making some good trades.

Grand Portage National Monument, MN

Grand Portage National Monument, MN

Grand Portage National Monument, MN

Thunder Bay Ontario. Well this isn’t what I expected. I thought it would be a fishing town but it’s very touristy. I’m not really into the people scene, that’s not what this trip is about; however, there is some beautiful geography, mountains, great views of Lake Superior and a lighthouse. And I got my first taste of Tim Horton’s; best iced coffee I’ve ever had, and wraps are too bad either.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lake Superior

Lake Superor, Ontario

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. Saved the best for last. To my dismay I wasn’t able to stay long. You have to pay to park here, into a box with five 1$ coins and all I have is a 1$ coin and a five bill in my Canadian money; and nowhere to get change. So I sneak down to the falls without paying but I do bring my guilty conscience and my camera. These are the most impressive I’ve seen yet and the most beautiful. I do hope I can come back again.

Kaministiquia River

Kaministiquia River


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