Day 67: Sept 5. “Walking with God when you don’t know what to Do”

Well it’s Labor Day Weekend and I’ve dreaded it all week. What would I do without work, without anything to do? I’ve already been everywhere I wanted to go in this area, or so I thought. Last night I prayed about the different possibilities – Iowa, only been there once and wanted to go back to visit the Amana Community – answer NO. Well Jesus, there’s the Apostle Island National Park cruse – answer: MAYBE later. Ok, how about back to Michigan’s UP – answer: do you really want to drive that far back? Ontario? Maybe later. Up the North Shore a fourth time??? Answer – PEACE. Ok God, back I go again. But this time I go all the way to Grand Portage.

I chose well. First I went to the Grand Portage National Historic Park, a living history museum dedicated to the time of rendezvous between the Voyagers, French and Native American traders. The Voyagers would travel across Lake Superior and up rivers, often carrying their cargo and canoes past the treacherous rapids and waterfalls of the Pigeon River.

I met a couple there who told me of a Cajun festival at the Casino. And when I mentioned I might go up to Thunder Bay, Ontario they encouraged me to go as it was only a 30 minute drive, not to mention a waterfall not far from Thunder Bay. That’s all it took. I guess God had to get this far north before he could convince me to go back into Canada after my last ordeal.

Thunder Bay was beautiful. I ate at Tim Horton’s, a popular fast food restaurant. I got the chicken wraps, and when they ask if you want two because they’re small, don’t do it, they lie. Thunder Bay was so unique, mountains and stunning cliffs, beaches, parks and a light house. It was a bit hazy over the lake but still breath-taking. However, for all its beauty it was touristier than I thought it would be.

A half hour away (when you know where you’re going) I found Kakabeka Falls Park. You could hear the falls from the parking lot which required payment to park. Unfortunately payment is to a  machine which only took 1$ Canadian coins. All I had was 2-1$ coins and a 5$ bill. I decided to take a quick walk to see the falls and leave before the Mounties found me out. Well worth the drive, the money had I had it, and the hike. These were by far the most spectacular falls I had seen so far on my trip.

I ended the day back at Grand Portage for the Cajun Festival, umm, good food and good company. Praise to God for his direction, protection and his gift of beauty.

Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me. Psalm 42:7


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