Day 64: Sept 2. “Don’t camp out when God says go on”

After work I needed a little scenic diversion so I drove up Minnesota’s North Shore by way of scenic Route 61. I stopped at Gooseberry Falls State Park. What a beauty, a series of three unique waterfalls. On previous trips I would search for falls and only find dribbles. So far on this trip every fall is spectacular. I guess this is an element of the whole “obey God & go west” thing.

Found a beautiful wayside park to stay in for the night then I saw the “No Overnight Parking” sign. By now it’s dark and I’m pooped. I remembered a road a short way back, “Brighten Beach Rd”. Sure sounded good. It was a beautiful park with individual picnic areas right along Lake Superior. There were several other cars there but I doubt they were overnight guests such as myself. I felt a little uneasy but settled in for the night anyway in my “mini- camper”.

Lake Superior, Minnesota

I took some pictures of the moon over the lake then I saw something black walking around the bushes across the drive. Knowing raccoons can be dangerous, especially when there’s food, I quickly got into the van and shut the door. Not five minutes later I see it by my door. A skunk! I sat there frozen and when it left I laughed at the thought of the potential disaster avoided.

Still uneasy I continue to stay. Then about 2 AM a cop pulls into my spot and shines a spot light on the van – I’m frozen. “Oh crap, I’m going to jail and I have no bra on.” He left, not even getting out of his car. “Thank you, Jesus.” But again, I continue to stay. Fifteen – twenty minutes later, he’s back, shining his light, then left. That’s it, I was outta there, back to Duluth. There it was, right in the city, a great rest area, clean with a beautiful view. I should have listened to that still small voice.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde

Moral of the story: Don’t camp when God says go on or you may encounter a skunk.


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