Day 52; 8.21.09 Newark Mounds, Ohio


I visited these mounds several years ago and will include photographs from all my trips here as well as other area mounds. Like Cahokia, these mounds, or earthworks, were created to serve a large city. The mounds at Newark differ from Cahokia in that there are no platform pyramids but in addition to burial mounds there are geometric mounds used for astronomical observation similar in use to Cahokia’s Woodhenge. Built by the Hopewell culture around 200bc they were used until 700ad.

Newark Ohio

The Great Circle (interior)

The Great Circle Mound at a mile in circumference is the largest mound of its type. There is a similar but smaller mound in Anderson, Indiana. These mounds were used for gatherings, celebration, religious ceremony and astronomical observation. Hundreds of years later both locations were used as amusement parks or fairs but now are persevered due to the efforts state and historical organizations.

Newark Ohio

Octagon Mound

Newark Ohio

Circle Mound

Observatory Circle and Octagon Earthworks are connected by two wall mounds creating a pathway. This pathway was used in moonrise and the eight points of the Octagon were used in the observation of the eight phases of the moon. Today these mounds are used as a golf course but still fall under the protection of the Ohio Historical Society.

Other important sites include Mounds City and Serpent Mound

Chillicothe Ohio

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park (Mounds City), Chillicothe Ohio

Adams County Ohio


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