Day 7; 7.7.09 Clifty Falls State Park, Madison Indiana

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison IN

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison IN

For many years this state park has been one of my favorites. I have camped here over the past two decades and hiked even longer. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to camp here again as I will be working in this county. Clifty Falls is located in historic Madison, along the Ohio River.

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison IN

The park has many challenging trails, my favorite was trail two. Unfortunately this trail has been closed for many years after damage from a storm. Trail two runs through the Clifty Creek stream bed and ends at Big Clifty Falls and while the trail is officially closed people still venture out to play in the waterfalls.

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison IN

This park is rich in history, both natural and cultural, definitely one of the jewels of Indiana. If you ever visit Indiana you might also check out Spring Mill State Park, Turkey Run State Park, Mounds State Park and The Dunes State Park, each has a distinctive history and geography. Unfortunately I doubt I will cover them in this blog as my plans don’t include these parks.

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison IN


15 responses to “Day 7; 7.7.09 Clifty Falls State Park, Madison Indiana

  1. Now i understand the connection you have with that necklace, how cool is God for that gift :).

  2. I had no idea Indiana was so beautiful. I have to visit some day. I hope they open the trail to the waterfall one day!

    • As much as I complained about living there I must say some parts are beautiful. There are 21 state parks and I’ve been to all plus recreation areas, preserves, forests and the Hoosier National Forest. If you go keep in mind there is only one place in the north worth going…Dunes state park situated on Lake Michigan. The northern 2/3 of the state is mainly corn fields, or so it seems. Besides Clifty there is Brown County SP, Turkey Run, and Spring Mill. Each lovely, unique with challenging trails. And while the trail to the base of Big Clifty Falls is closed that doesn’t stop people from splashing around in the falling water. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Is this near Vevay, Indiana?

  4. I went to Clifty Falls in the 80’s… nice to remember this pretty place!

  5. It is a mystery to me how I get unfollowed from people. I am so glad you popped over to my blog, so I could find out I was not following you. The first three photos are especially stunning~

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