April 7 – Wait for God’s perfect timing

“Thank you Jesus for your angels and for your protection. So much of my life has been constant struggle and I have been left weary, torn, beaten and exhausted. Healing must come and the restoration of my heart before I can leave on my journey. I’m fighting the desire to leave. The excitement is overwhelming. If I knew what was to come beyond today I would start planning and actively pursuing it… but I need this time to rest, heal and learn. It’s hard to believe I am the same person I was a year ago always striving and busy. And now I am at peace with you, knowing you will lead and equip me when the time is right. But for now I only want to do what you’ve told me I can do – rest and heal, prepare to move, plan my trip, love you and rest in you.”

“Thank You for keeping from pursing my dreams last year. They would have become my first love.  At the time I thought you were telling me no but you were telling me to wait until I had the right perspective. I had to come to you, learn to trust you and let you love me. As long as I was getting what I wanted I could never be whole and never have my prayer of eight years ago answered: to really know you, intimately, get you out of my head and into my heart. Thank you Jesus for not letting go and leading me to your heart.”


What do you think?

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