February 2 2009 – Go West

Well I must say, God is true to his word. Two weeks after my prophetic vision I lost my job. That’s ok because I hated it. But then I had trouble getting unemployment insurance due to a clerical error at a previous job. And I filed bankruptcy. Whatever you think of this, it was needed. In my two years of unemployment I found myself nearly 200,000 in dept while making minimum wage. This was not something I took lightly, nor do I recommend it as a solution to financial woe’s. I spent nearly a year in prayer before I made this decision. All my assets were frozen, I was at a loss.

I did make it to Florida to visit my girls for Christmas as predicted. The unemployment came through just days before I was to leave. I needed this break; I needed to see my girls. It has been a year and a half. They were my life and I didn’t deal well when they moved. Not to mention this was the time I was to hear about God’s new plan for me.

Due to issues beyond my control my bankruptcy court date was extended and I was able to stay an extra week with my girls. That was just what I needed because I hadn’t heard from God yet. During that last week I heard Him say… at least I thought I heard “move to Florida”. Yikes, as much as I wanted to be near my girls again I still had my house. I also had neither job nor a prospect in a town that lost over 5000 jobs just a year before. So, with much prayer, I put the house in the bankruptcy. This was the hardest decision I had to make but I knew my situation would never change if I didn’t do it.

Something wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t feeling totally sure about Florida but I did sense I was to move so I begged God for an answer. “Jesus, I believe I’ve done what you asked, please tell me what is next, what am I preparing for”?

The answer, “go west”.

My first reaction “what”? “Go west”. But Lord, you told me to give up that dream a year ago”,

“Now I’m giving it back to you…go west”

Our whole lives we are prepared for our big dream, everything is geared toward fulfilling it, the essence of the dream is the same even if the dream has changed, the longing to do what god made you to do. From birth you are uniquely motivated and prepared for that purpose.          – Bruce Wilkerson “The Dreamgiver”

[2.15.09 – I am filled with excitement but I need to be sure. The bible says to test the spirits, so for a week that’s what I did. The pressure inside me kept building. “Go west”. Let the preparation begin.]


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